Welcome to WREND.

We help businesses and individuals gain a competitive advantage using drone and aerial solutions. 

We Set The Standard.

We aim to add to the evolution and development of the Drone industry itself, promoting legal compliance, product development and accurate guidance – directly ensuring the approach of maximising overall efficiency.

Our mission is to use technologies that set the standard of operations, management and safety. This enable us to align more closely to the goals of your Organisation, resulting in innovation within your field.


Drone Operations

Using top-quality products and service offerings, we legally and efficiently provide clients with the best solutions, specifically compiled to cover their direct needs.

Wrend partnership

As an alternative to outsourcing drone services or obtaining your own licenses, our partnership allows your company to legally operate within the drone industry.

Gear Rental

From photography to enterprise solutions, our wide range of licensed drone equipment can ensure the best setup for any job.

SACAA Certified Operator - ROC No: CAA/G1493D

WREND Holding is a licensed drone service provider holding a Remote Operating Certificate (ROC) from the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA), and a Class III General Air Service License (ASL) from the Department of Transport. WREND is committed to operating within the legal framework implemented by the SACAA. All our aerial equipment is licensed and all flights are insured for any event of an accident or incident impacting a third party.

Our Partners

We have partnered with both local and international business to ensure that we are able to execute all our provided services to each client at the WREND standard.

Brett Loremous

Construction Manager at Ammigle

“I can’t say enough about the excellent consultation and advice I have received from Norman & Turner through the years. They took the time to really understand my financial goals and never treated me like “just another Client”. Their assistance with personal and corporate income tax, investments, and retirement has been invaluable. I’v been able to achieve more then expected thanks to them.”

Emily Reloupod

Retired business owner

“Norman & Turner has been excellent in their handling of our financial affairs. They were able to explain complex financial matters to us in an easy and understandable way. They explained all the options available to us, which helped us make better decisions. They are extremely knowledgable, friendly, and caring and we were very impressed by them. Highly recommended!”

Client Testimonials

Our clients range in sector and requirements. We have helped implement and execute aerial services to a wide variety of industries ranging from the creative all way to security.

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